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Leviathan Phase B

Leviathan is the great promise of the national energy market, and an economic growth engine for the State of Israel and its citizens.

Status Producing

Resources 605.00 BCM

Working Interest 45.34%

Partners Chevron (39.66%), Ratio (15%)

The development strategy of Leviathan builds on the success of the existing project, on the massive resource base and its strategic location, and on the increase in regional and global demand of natural gas.

This increase in demand is fueled in large part by the energy transition and local, regional and global efforts to decarbonize the economy.

The facilities of Leviathan Phase 1A were designed and constructed to accommodate future expansion of production, by adding various modules to existing infrastructure. For example, the Leviathan Processing Platform was designed such that it can accommodate equipment that would increase its output from 12 to 21 BCM.

While the current development is strictly based on the Israeli natural gas grid and on a pipeline network, Phase B of the project is expected to include a significant liquefaction component, that will expand Leviathan's customer base beyond the Eastern Mediterranean, to Europe and the Far East. To that end, commercial negotiations are being held with two existing liquefaction facilities in Egypt, while an option for liquifying natural gas on a floating facility anchored in the Israeli EEZ is being explored.

Phase B of Leviathan is expected to propel it onto the global stage, and to secure the East Med as one of the world's most important energy hubs.

Leviathan B Potential Export Routes

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