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Leviathan is the great promise of the national energy market, and an economic growth engine for the State of Israel and its citizens.

Status Producing

Resources 605.00 BCM

Working Interest 45.34%

Partners Chevron (39.66%), Ratio (15%)

Leviathan, with 22.9 TCF of recoverable gas, is the largest natural gas reservoir in the Mediterranean, and one of the largest producing assets in the region.

The reservoir was discovered in December 2010 by NEWMED Energy (with a working interest of 45.3%), Chevron (which was called "Noble Energy" at the time, with a working interest of 39.7%) and Ratio (with a working interest of 15%).

In February 2017, after intensive evaluation of the 330 sqkm field, the Leviathan partners took a final investment decision on executing Phase 1A of the field's development plan, with an annual production capacity of 12 BCM. Production of natural gas from Leviathan began on December 31, 2019, on time and on budget, and since has become a cornerstone of gas supply in Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

The Leviathan Field is located in the Israeli EEZ, approximately 130 km off the shores of Haifa. Production is facilitated by 4 subsea wells that are connected, via a subsea manifold and two 120 km long pipelines, to an offshore platform, where all processing of gas takes place. From the platform the gas is piped to shore into the Israeli national grid, through which it is distributed to clients in Israel, Egypt and Jordan. With nearly 0.7 TCF produced by end of 2021, Phase 1A of the field’s development has proved a resounding success on many fronts, most importantly in establishing a reliable and formidable natural gas supply source to the countries of the region.

Leviathan Export Routes

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